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Make-Up Air photoPackaged Make-Up Air

双色球基本走势图100期electro introduces the next generation of packaged make-up air with unique multi-speed control.

  • 3 kW - 22 kW models feature multiple fan speed output, multiple control input options, and LCD display
  • 1 kW - 2 kW models include variable fan speed output, 120VAC power connection, and control input options

     Make-Up Air

Make-Up Air Heaters

electric is worth considering - considerably lower first-time cost and installation flexibility. electro industries' outlet temperature sensing and element modulation assures maximum efficiency and prevents overuse of electric energy.

  • These are more than "a duct heater"
  • 1 kW - 20 kW
  • A variety of styles, shapes, sizes

     Make-Up Air

NorAire® Air to Water Heat Pump,
Heating Only

  • LCD display
  • 2-zone control
  • Multi-temperature
  • Priority high temperature
  • Fast defrost time


NorAire photoNorAire® Air to Water Heat Pump,
Radiant Heating & Chilled Water Cooling

  • Optional integrated Electro-Boiler
  • Radiant in-floor heating
  • 3, 4, and 5-ton


Mini-Boiler Electric Boilers

  • 1 kW - 300 kW
  • Radiant, baseboard, outdoor reset


Electro-Mate® Plenum Heaters

  • Save money by adding electric heat to your existing gas or oil furnace
  • Increase the efficiency and comfort of your heat pump system
  • 10 kW - 25 kW


Duct Heaters

  • Cold Rooms?  Need additional heat?  Learn more about Electro’s complete line of temperature sensing duct heaters
  • Various sizes and shapes
  • 1 kW - 20 kW


Heat Pump Control photoHeat Pump Control

  • Use this interface control to simplify installation of an air source heat pump and gas furnace using a 4-wire thermostat


WarmFlo Analyzer photoWarmFlo® Analyzer

双色球基本走势图100期contractors - this is a must have tool for those of you who work with electro's heating products on a regular basis.


New Construction

  • Preferred heating choices for your new home


Radiant Heat

  • Warm Floor Concepts & Options
  • Learn more about the #1 heating choice
  • Hydronic tubing & heating methods



  • Learn how WarmFlo can improve your heating system
  • Introduction PowerPoint - S6-WFB-OT


Heat Pump Comfort Systems

  • Boost heat pump comfort and maximize heat pump efficiency
  • Duct and outdoor temperature sensing
  • 10 kW - 25 kW


HRV/ERV Heat Exchanger

electro industries does not manufacture this product, but we have after-market add-on accessories to assist in meeting northern climate codes, increase comfort, and additional control packages.

  • If 40° minimum entering air is a problem, follow the link below


Load Control Products

双色球基本走势图100期starting in 1978 electro industries began with the focus of electric utility off-peak (controlled) rates in mind.  the following link explains more about our load control products.



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